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empowering you towardsa healthier, happier life.

Empowering individuals by addressing their mental health and substance use challenges through expert assessments, therapy, and medication management.

Hybrid Counseling is

Your Trusted Partner in Mental and Chemical Health

Since 2014, Hybrid Counseling has been a pioneer in offering both in-person and online mental health and chemical health services. Our approach, blending traditional therapy with telehealth innovations, ensures accessible and effective care. 

blending traditional therapy and psychiatric care with telehealth innovations.

Assesments & Therapies


Formerly known as Rule 25 assessments in Minnesota. These critical first steps address substance use concerns by providing a detailed evaluation of an individual's chemical health and guiding them towards the appropriate treatment path.

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we understand that managing mental health involves a comprehensive approach, including the potential use of medication. Our Psychiatric Medication Management services are designed to ensure that you receive the most effective and personalized care possible.

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We offer personalized addiction therapy services designed to help you reach your recovery goals. Understanding that each journey is unique, we provide a variety of interventions and approaches tailored to your specific circumstances.

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Our specialized trauma therapy services are designed to support those who have experienced traumatic events, providing a path towards healing and recovery.

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Our therapy services encompass a wide range of mental health and addiction treatments. Our team of professionals is skilled in diverse therapeutic approaches, specializing in addiction therapy

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At Hybrid

We Encompass A Very Simple Goal - Help People.

The Stories of Success

Melvin was very friendly, efficient and easy to talk to! Great at communicating. Would definitely refer anyone to hybrid counseling!
I had a great experience with the chemical assessment.. very professional.. I had the joy in meeting Melvin on video chat and overall a great experience is you need a assessment done I recommend Melvin.. Thanks again Hybrid counseling.
Excellent service. Very caring staff who worked with me finding the best solution for my situation. I appreciate everything they did.
Hybrid Counseling is a great resource for individuals needing immediate support regarding counseling, interventions, assessments and much more! I highly recommend this company and believe in it's mission whole-heartedly!

We love to hear from our clients!

Here to guide and empower you on your personal journey

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Jennifer Pipitone

DNP, CNP, PMHNP-BC- Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
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Evan Lieberman

MSW LICSW LADC – Founder and Lead Therapist
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Erin Simonson

MSW, LICSW, LADC- licensed independent clinical social worker and licensed counselor
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Josh Powell MSW,LICSW- licensed independent clinical social worker

Josh Powell

MSW,LICSW- licensed independent clinical social worker
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Melvin Veach

LADC- licensed alcohol and drug counselor
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Casey Blum

MA, LADC- Licensed alcohol and drug counselor
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Erica Derifield

MPS, LADC- Licensed alcohol and drug counselor
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Michelle Bahr

MA, LADC- licensed alcohol and drug counselor
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Laura Berg counselor and Hybrid Counseling

Laura Berg

MA, LADC, ADCR-MN- Licensed alcohol and drug counselor
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Megan Wilgenbusch

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Kristina Jacobsen

BSN, RN Registered Nurse & Billing Specialist
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Audrey Jukich

Program Administrator
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance pay for my chemical health assessment?

Yes, in many cases, your insurance will cover diagnostic assessments. Our dually licensed providers can assess your chemical health and make recommendations for court or treatment requirements. However, some clients choose to pay out of pocket for added confidentiality or to avoid having a diagnosis on their medical record.

Will my assessment be accepted by courts or the DMV for my DUI?

Absolutely. Our licensed providers are fully qualified to conduct assessments and make recommendations for any chemical health concerns, including those required for legal reasons, such as a DUI.

How long is the turnaround on a Chemical Health Assessment?

Turnaround times vary, but our aim is always efficiency. Typically, we strive for a 5-7 day turnaround, contingent on the client completing paperwork promptly and collateral contacts (like family members or probation officers) responding quickly. Collateral contact information is a state-mandated requirement for completing the assessment.

Will I have to go to treatment if I get a DWI or other legal issue?

Not necessarily. Our approach is to provide as many options as ethically possible. While treatment is sometimes necessary, we also offer online educational programs and individual counseling as alternatives, especially for clients with milder cases commonly seen in legal scenarios. Further, we never force clients to partake in our services. We may offer them, but know we will refer you out at your request if you feel our programs do not best suit your needs.

Are therapy services covered by insurance?

Most therapy services at Hybrid Counseling are covered by insurance. We work with a wide range of insurance providers to ensure that our clients can use their benefits for the care they need. For specific coverage details, please contact us directly.

What is the difference between a Chemical Health Assessment and a Rule 25 Assessment?

In essence, the terms 'Chemical Health Assessment' and 'Rule 25 Assessment' are interchangeable. Historically, in Minnesota, 'Rule 25' referred to legislation that provided funding for treatment. To qualify for this funding, individuals were required to undergo a Rule 25 assessment, which is essentially a Chemical Health Assessment. While the term 'Rule 25' is no longer officially used in Minnesota, it remains a familiar term among clients and professionals due to its longstanding usage. So, whether you come across 'Rule 25 Assessment' or 'Chemical Health Assessment,' you’re essentially looking at the same evaluation process, just under different names.

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