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Payment Options

We Support Several Different Payment Options

At Hybrid Counseling we provide services at affordable out-of-pocket prices and in-network with almost all major insurance providers. Below is a list of insurances our counselors are in-network with.

Paying for a Chemical Health Assessment:

In many cases, we do not recommend using health insurance for assessments for legal reasons such as a DWI. Generally, these are legal concerns and not necessarily a medical one! What other companies will not tell you is that in order to bill for a service there MUST be a substance use disorder and diagnosis that gets submitted to your insurance company which will be on your record! Not everyone who gets an assessment necessarily has a substance use disorder. Further, it is often treatment centers that accept insurance for legal assessments. We find that a lot of people getting assessments in treatment centers wind up with services they do not need. We are an independent company that works with a variety of treatment centers and providers. We will give you an unbiased opinion and always give you options in your recommendations. Treatment may be necessary in some cases but we can often offer other innovative services as an alternative if it is appropriate. Paying our affordable fee out of pocket allows us to be more flexible and help you much faster! Speak to our staff for more information about using insurance for assessments. 

Accepted Insurance Plans

*These are subject to change at anytime depending on the provider and plan*

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